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the first woman in the Middle East to coach a professional men’s side.

On the soccer pitch, Maha Jannoud barks out instructions to the players just like any other coach, but with one difference: she is a woman…

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

0 23 hours ago

who ever wrote the Quraan did not know how to do math

Math is hard and many struggles with it especially those who never had a proper education. Math is considered a universal language because…

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

1 on Friday
Reply by Grinning Cat

the so called scientific miracles of the Quran , a draft

Muslims scholars keep telling us that the Quran is word by word from God, and the proof is the so-called scientific miracles in the Quran,…

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

3 on Friday
Reply by Imaginary Cat Owner

I am afraid to die. Help!

I went from Christianity to Atheism about a few years ago. I’ve noticed an increase in my death anxiety. I can’t enjoy anything with out th…

Started by Raine

32 Dec 24, 2018
Reply by Joan Denoo


Can anyone fill me in on what happened with Amazon's policy?

Started by Adam

24 Dec 1, 2018
Reply by Delia Irene Malamud Rubens

Sobriety help

Been a long long time since I posted here, but here goes. Per the title, there ARE alternatives to 12-step support groups. Among them is…

Started by Steve Snyder

0 Nov 14, 2018

I want to break free from the Sabbath but i always fear something bad will happen if do something "wrong"

I stopped keeping the sabbath (church, ministries) but i still feel anxious about doing stuff on saturdays (going out, attending birthdays,…

Started by Jandell

26 Oct 12, 2018
Reply by Joan Denoo

Ex Catholic

I am an Ex Catholic who has been on an exploratory journey of attempting to find a worldview I can adhere to and be proud of.? I think I am…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

8 Aug 3, 2018
Reply by Randall Smith

Hello, thanks for adding me.

I'm a lonely ex-Christian living among staunch fanatical Christians and am looking for atheists to relate to.

Started by Pamela Kabanda

8 Jul 20, 2018
Reply by Compelledunbeliever

온라인슬롯사이트추천Can you see through this propaganda? youtube link

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

14 Jul 18, 2018
Reply by Michael Penn


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