Zionism at its finest: Jewish Settlers attacking Palestinians and Israel is keeping quiet about it.

Jewish Settlers in the West Bank are still attacking and persecuting Palestinians.

Personally I think Israel should not be supported by the West and be forced to hand the occupied territories back to the Palestinians.
Because a stupid set of fake books and Zionist propagandists conning the British into giving them land is no real solid basis for existence of a territory.?

But Zionism is still gaining strength and Jews are more determined to take over the land they claim their dumb, outdated God / Yahweh, gave to them.??
When factually there never was any actual Israel in the past nor any valid claim for the territory, since Jews were an offshoot of Canaanite Arabs originally.

Jews to Canaanite religion is the same relationship as Mormons to Christianity.
Offshoots created by charlatans.

The Jewish settlers are still trying to steal land from the Palestinians today.
Al Nakba ( the Zionist persecution of Palestinians) lives on.?


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The jews are murderers and thieves who got away with their crimes. They have no ethics or respect for non-jews. They will only stop committing crimes against humanity when you force them...

Only too true!

I wouldn't demonize all Jewish people, Plinius. I prefer to distinguish the worth of human beings from heinous deeds by some members of their groups. I know of no groups, even Atheists, who have never had members commit crimes.

I agree, Ruth, I should have responded to the generalization. However, the experiences of people from The Netherlands have been?different?than mine. ?Yet, I understand that painting with too broad a brush gives no one any benefit.

Being aware of my prejudices helps me to make the choices about what I think. ?

You're right of course, Ruth, and I try my best not to generalize, that would be injustice.

According to a survey,? half of Israeli Jews support ethnic cleansing.?


Yes, Plinius, they got away with their crimes. If the allies had not prevailed then the Germans would have done civilization the greatest good in eliminating world Jewry. But it is not too late. With the help of the propaganda machine of the left and residual anti-semitism we can deliver the final solution.

The racial characteristics of the hook-nosed jew are fixed and so any notion of ameliorating them is chimerical. Their thieving and murdering ways are irremediable and we must as you say FORCE THEM.? But lets not beat around the bush when we say force them we mean finish them- finish what the Germans intended.

No more worries about a two state solution. Wullah...problem solved!

But if you want to rid the world of bad behaviour, you shouldn't use that same behaviour to attack. I don't want to go down to that level. I think a good step would be to stop funding the Israeli government, we all know how much money goes from the USA to Jerusalem.

I agree. Chris.?

Frankie, I don't agree with, "the Germans would have done civilization the greatest good in eliminating world Jewry." There is no excuse?for the treatment Jews received from the Germans. Germans have no more right to persecute Jews than the Jews have to persecute Palestinians. The solutions to these conflicts are not more violence; the disputants need skills of managing stress, controlling emotions, listening and asserting actively,?negotiating, accommodating, cooperating, collaborating, & compromising.

Education / Knowledge is the enemy of Zionism.

According to Archaeology, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology and Geology, Judaism and its scriptures are BS.

This should be widely taught and become common knowledge, thus making belief in Judaism ridiculous and a target for public mockery.

Eventually they will have to deny their own BS or continue to be ridiculed for their stupidity.

The fact that Judaism is a pseudo monotheistic offshoot from Canaanite polytheism, and Judaism is not really monotheistic, since it has 2 Gods, as Satan is also a God by definition.?
Thus making the claim of One God, idiotic.

Good plan!


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