max88 규정_프로모션 1xbet 악성코드_제안 러시안룰렛 게임 2019-02-16T16:13:24Z /84d/groups/group/feed?xn_auth=no&featured=1 Generation Atheist,2011-07-27:2182797:Group:1467032 2011-07-27T14:51:39.514Z Laura /84d/profile/Laura31 102 members 102 members<br> Generation Atheist is a collaborative blog project created for young atheists to come together and explore issues that affect their lives. Please visit our website and consider submitting your own article to Generation Atheist. 2018-06-24T04:54:24Z Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF),2011-04-20:2182797:Group:1219422 2011-04-20T21:06:44.518Z FFRF /84d/profile/FFRF 703 members 703 members<br> <i>The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wis., is a national association of freethinkers (atheists, agnostics) that has been working since 1978 to keep church and state separate.</i> 2019-02-07T02:44:44Z American Humanist Association (AHA),2009-04-22:2182797:Group:292738 2009-04-22T14:54:05.593Z American Humanist Association /84d/profile/HappyHuman 778 members 778 members<br> <p>The American Humanist Association advocates progressive values and equality for humanists, atheists and freethinkers in the United States. We work to promote humanism--the idea that you can be good without a god.</p> 2019-02-07T02:25:42Z Black Freethought,2009-02-06:2182797:Group:216875 2009-02-06T14:50:41.219Z Ralph Dumain /84d/profile/RalphDumain 508 members 508 members<br> This is a group for ALL interested in the subject of black atheism, freethought, & humanism. "Black" pertains to all people of African descent. 2018-11-30T04:11:44Z Naturalism,2008-11-07:2182797:Group:136514 2008-11-07T23:46:17.917Z Ajita Kamal /84d/profile/AjitaKamal 315 members 315 members<br> Naturalism is the understanding that there is a single, natural world as shown by science, and that we are completely included in it. - Thomas W Clark 2018-01-03T15:23:48Z