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After all, it is fake news.

It absolutely is. Still, I wonder how much the little old ladies would scream bloody when their pet irrationality got taken away from them. It might be telling if your little missive to the Star gets any blowback.

Already happened. This guy just made fun of my points. Supposedly the fact that horoscopes have been around for ages lends credibility to this person. Missed my point that woman being treated bad through history does not mean we should continue treating them that way.

Horoscopes are just fine thank you

Slavery was around for millennia, too.? Is he okay with that?? Or with male privilege?? Or the whole "spare the rod and spoil the child" crap?? People may have "looked to the stars" for centuries, but they found nothing of substance with any means to falsify or confirm their allegations.

Horoscopes are noise in the signal and better off lost, and you and I both know that, Russell.? The real shame is that this twit making an attempt at rebuttal can't recognize that for himself.

Postscript Edit: the ONLY justification for horoscopes could be that of "entertainment," particularly as they generally appear in the Comics section of the paper (or they do in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, at least).? The problem is that there are entertainments of all sorts, some with content, some utterly vacuous.? I quit looking at horoscopes years ago because I realized that they had nothing of value to tell me.

Maybe it's about time other people had that little epiphany themselves.


There is a poll that says 25% of people believe in horoscopes. A friend sent a link that said Nancy Reagan made decisions for her husband based on the stars when he was getting dementia while still President.

Another friend told me his dad lost money to a fortune teller and horoscopes. He said, you can't child proof everything and he enjoys the entertainment value he gets from reading horoscopes.

I wrote a letter back to the Toronto Star, making some of the points you made above and said at minimum there should be a warning (like we get for cigarettes) that horoscopes are not valid and should only be viewed as entertainment. That one did not get published.

I still love this quote:

Astrology: because millions of planets and stars have spent billions of years lining themselves up just to let you know that you will meet someone with brown eyes today. [Quote on a starfield with stylized colored zodiac symbols. Credit: with thanks to]

Put the idiocy of horoscopes aside and just consider that somewhere there is someone who matches all of your input info for the horoscope. It's the same thing as someone somewhere having your name.


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