Zionism at its finest: Jewish Settlers attacking Palestinians and Israel is keeping quiet about it.

Jewish Settlers in the West Bank are still attacking and persecuting Palestinians.

Personally I think Israel should not be supported by the West and be forced to hand the occupied territories back to the Palestinians.
Because a stupid set of fake books and Zionist propagandists conning the British into giving them land is no real solid basis for existence of a territory.?

But Zionism is still gaining strength and Jews are more determined to take over the land they claim their dumb, outdated God / Yahweh, gave to them.??
When factually there never was any actual Israel in the past nor any valid claim for the territory, since Jews were an offshoot of Canaanite Arabs originally.

Jews to Canaanite religion is the same relationship as Mormons to Christianity.
Offshoots created by charlatans.

The Jewish settlers are still trying to steal land from the Palestinians today.
Al Nakba ( the Zionist persecution of Palestinians) lives on.?


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It is really disappointing, LG.


You are full of BS.
Judaism only started in the? 5th Century BCE according to all archaeological? evidence.
The first monotheistic cult was Zoroastrianism, which started around the 7th Century BCE.

Judaism was a cult offshoot from Canaanite polytheism, where its God, YHWH was married to the Goddess Asherah.?

Judiasm is a religious cult, and Jews are not a race nor a culture.

No BS in my comments, they are all backed up by evidence from archaeology and anthropology.

I'm against all religious cults and Jews are just one more religious cult.?

It is an identity based on a set of religious beliefs.

That is an absolute fact.

If they are atheists, they are not really Jews.

In fact if Israeli hard line Rabbis had their way,? Judaism would be no different to Islam in the persecution of infidels.

In fact Rabbis in Israel have already called for the expulsion of Christians from Israel.?


You are delusional! :p?

I have ex Jewish friends who know full well they are not Jews any more, apart from having Jewish names.
They are atheists.

Jews is a culture based on a set of archaic and stupidly superstitious ( religious) traditions, thus cannot be divorced from the stupidity and fake historical lies that Judaism is based on.
Such as it is a fact that Abraham and Moses never ever existed.
Moses is a made up character, invented after the exodus from Babylon, not Egypt in the 5th Century BCE.

There were no Jews enslaved in Egypt.
The Pentateuch ( Genesis to Deuteronomy) are entirely mythical.?

Such stupid traditions as cutting themselves or flailing live chickens around their heads.

These antics put my friends off from ever following such dumb cultural practices.

They and their families will never identify as Jewish ever again.

It's time to end the stupidity.

It's time to stop considering Jews as a race as it is not it is a mixture of different races from around the Assyrian / Canaanite and now European regions.

There is no actually Jewish bloodline that can define it is a separate race.

It is religious identity only.

Pandering to Jews as Frankie Dapper does is only enabling the stupidity that is Judaism.


It is wrong to tolerate BS.
Because tolerating BS, only enables the propagation of more BS.
Therefore it is wrong to support Judaism and thus Jewish states.?

Same as it is also wrong to support Islam and Islamic states.
It is based on the same BS as Judaism.?

The Abraham that never existed and in Islam's case the son of Abraham (Ishmael) that also never existed.

All Judaic based beliefs, including Christianity are BS based.

It is wrong to tolerate any of them. ;-)-

Because (again) toleration of BS only serves to allow the BS to continue unabated.


Could not agree more with you about tolerating bullshit. Your references to mythology of Judaism is a big fat red herring.?

Other peoples can trace a racial bloodline? And tracing said bloodline is the sine qua non of establishing race? Why don't you enlighten us as to the racial bloodline of Spaniards? Lets see. Spain had waves of peoples including Vandals, Phonecians, Celts, Romans, Moors and Jews to name a few and there was an admixture of peoples and yet Spanish is often considered a race.?

lacking a racial bloodline we ought by your example to deny Spanish ancestry. Furthermore most Spaniards are Catholic. Christianity is as stupid as Judaism. The Spanish culture is based on lies like virgin birth. Thus Spanish is a religious identity only.

In addition to the specious analysis of Jews as a religious identity alone there is the issue of whether race is a construct. However one addresses the issue it is decided by genetics and not bloodlines (antiquated and discarded by educated persons)?

Jews have some unique genetic identification. Jews even have there own diseases including Tay Sachs. They also have a high rate of lactose intolerance. Jews as well as any peoples identifying as an ethnic group have a real basis to do so.?

Jewish culture is far more extensive than simply religion. There is a Jewish humor, a love of education and learning and a sense of oneness brought on by centuries of struggle because of discrimination and persecution. Jews produce professionals, academics,? scientists, business men, and writers at a greater rate than one might expect based on their numbers. Jews also have the highest IQ of any ethnic groups.

So, yes of course Judaism is crap. All religion is. But Jews are a people with as distinct an ancestry and culture as one may find (not sure about aborigines and some isolated indigenous peoples)

All of your sophistry and slander is plain to see, Dyslexic Dog.

Leading archaeologist says Old Testament stories are fiction

"ABRAHAM, Jacob, Moses, King David, and King Solomon in all his splendour, never existed, a 15-year study of archaeological evidence has concluded.

"The study - by Professor Thomas Thompson, one of the world's foremost authorities on biblical archaeology - says that the first 10 books of the Old Testament are almost certainly fiction, written between 500 and 1,500 years after the events they purport to describe.

"Professor Thompson's claims, outlined in a new book, The Early History of the Israelite People, are being taken seriously by scholars."

"T]he Israelite exile in Egypt, the Exodus and the Israelite conquest of the Promised Land never took place."

Thanks Joan.
Anybody who has read Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman's "The Bible Unearthed" would also understand the fictitious nature of the Torah / Pentateuch.

Even if they watched the documentary, available on Youtube.

Thus enabling a belief system entirely based on BS, is not a rational position for anybody to take.


Frankie doesn't seem to realize that even if Israel massacred every Palestinian in Gaza it would still not be Israel's territory, it still belongs to the U.N.

And it they did, then Israel would be guilty of Genocide, and should be wiped off the earth. :p?

If Israel didn't have American, French German and British support and weapons, they would not have won the 6 day war.
Since most of the weapons used in the 6 day war were French.?
They couldn't have purchased those without the funding / support of Britain, Germany (reparation)? and America.

Though the question still remains as to whether it was really a preemptive strike or an unprovoked attack by Israel.
Many now think it was an unprovoked attack, where Israel pretended to be under threat of attack.?

If Israelis committed genocide it would be genocide? Can't argue that point.?

If hippos had wings that supported em they would fly like falcons.?

Well Frankie, you cannot defeat the fact that what land Israel covered in the 6 day war outside of their allotted territory, did not belong to those they were fighting and defeated.

Thus the land was not conquered, only the squatters were beaten back.
The land still belonged to the U.N. and not the Arabs.

The only way the Palestinians would sit down and negotiate a peaceful 2 state solution is if Israel stopped trying to claim land they did not conquer. :p?

Israel is occupying land that does not belong to them.

No dumb set of superstitions written down as absolute lies,? should ever be considered in land negotiations.

The conflict and tension between Arab nations in general and Palestinians specifically goes back before the 6 day war. The objective of the Arabs is and was to drive the Jews into the sea. Unlike Jews who were happy to accept a 2 state solution the Arabs wanted it all.?

Bottom line is the Israelis survived and have subsequently defeated their enemies. In war territory conquered is territory won. That is how it works. If you want to play silly little games of international law which have been flouted by many nations then you are naive. If you want to keep trotting out your mythology claims go ahead but it is as applicable or more so to the Palestinians.?

Palestinians are Muslims who have a way way higher rate of belief than Jewish Israelis. Therefore their beliefs are more influential on their culture. Their mythology directly causes suicide bombing. Yay bundles of virgins! Their mythology produces the the racist lies that permeate the culture and insure a perpetuation of the conflict.?

But you keep spinning until you are dizzy.?


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